Potato Stix      

                                "They're Simply Delicious"

         Dali-Fresh Potato Stix are made from the finest ingredients. Our product starts with using fresh harvested  potato's from farmers all across the U.S.A. Our potato's are transported back to our factory where they are cleaned, and cut into a julienne style shape. There cooked until golden brown and seasoned to perfection. We only use simple ingredients "Fresh Potato's, Cotton Seed Oil, and Salt"  The result is a crispy potato stix seasoned snack. They're a great alternative to eating regular potato chips.

        Dali-Fresh Potato Stix are Gluten Free, have No Trans Fats, No Sugar and we never use any preservatives. Each 1 oz serving also contain 2g of protein. They are Kosher certified.

        Our product makes snacking fun for the whole family. Dali-Fresh Potato Stix "The Snack With A Potato Chip Flavor  and EXTRA CRUNCH"

               We Have A Hunch You'll Like The Crunch!

Wholesome Goodness Starts With The Freshest Ingredients!